The phenomenon of cougar dating is no phenomenon. Younger men and older women have been hooking up for as long as there have been people on the planet and there is no indication it will stop. Dating is about making a connection, attraction and mutual interest. It is not about age limitations or life constraints. Cougar dating has evolved right along with mainstream dating in this new millennium. Traditional dating is no longer the norm. Online dating, hooking-up and casual sexual relationships are the order of the day and cougars fit in just fine. There are websites for dating cougars by the dozens on the Internet. These sites are in place solely for middle-aged and older women who are interested in dating men considerably younger. Young men are able to sign up for an account and browse the many mature women who have also registered. Not to be outdone, cougars also have their own dating apps. Apps can be installed on your smartphone and assist you in finding a cougar to enjoy no matter where you are. Some cougar apps are better than others for various reasons. Try out more than one to get the best results.

Cougar Life is rated as one of the best apps for meeting older women

Cougar Life is an app that has been around a while and racked up some serious numbers in membership. They claim over 5 million with new members every 20 seconds. That is a lot of cougars. It has even been seen in Playboy, Sports Illustrated and USA Today. The app itself is free but it has its limitations. To get more use from the app you can purchase add-ons. You can purchase premium memberships as well as credits for activities and privileges. It is 100% free of charge for women, which is a great draw for the gals.

Cougar Dates Online is a one of the most popular apps for meeting older women

Cougar Dates Online app is an extension of their cougar dating website. Members of the site can download the app and use it on the go. You can mingle and chat with other members. A neat feature of this app is that you can find a local theater and purchase tickets while mobile. You can snap and share picture with each other much like Instagram. Sending unlimited messages is a big perk of this app. Not all offer that feature. You are also privy to cougar dating news, events and helpful tips.

Cougars69 is one of the most underrated apps for meeting older women

Cougars69 is a very basic app but it takes what it does very seriously. It has a great ratio of men to women and the GPS functionality allows you to find an interested cougar in no time at all who lives in your area. It is known as a site for finding a quick hook up. You find true love on this site but you’re sure to find a fun place to spend the evening.

Tinder is never thought of as a one of the best apps for meeting older women

Many people use Tinder for quick hook ups and one night stands. A few have even found lasting relationships and marriage on the app. What many people do not realize is that cougars use Tinder too. In fact, it is relatively easy to use Tinder as a cougar dating app by adjusting the age limits of the people you are looking for. Use the indicator to set your limit to 40 – 50-year-old women or whatever age cougar your looking for and watch the lovely lady pics roll in.

The best apps for dating older women are the ones that work best for you (Or her). You’ll have to do a bit of trial and error in finding the right one. Try more than one and use its features and perks. If it doesn’t feel like you’re getting much use out of it or it isn’t any fun, go to another. You shouldn’t have to pay for a dating app but don’t be surprised to find there are charges for extra services and incentives.


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