It isn’t surprising that more younger men are dating older women. Cougar dating doesn’t carry the stigma it once did nor are younger men as concerned with what people think. The cougar dating experience is such a normal part of a man’s life it has become commonplace to see at least one such couple while enjoying a night on the town. It isn’t unheard of for cougar/cub couples to have lengthy relationships and even marry. It isn’t always easy to meet a cougar, however. Thankfully there are a number of cougar dating sites available to help you find that special cougar. There are so many, in fact, you may have considerable trouble choosing one. It is always best to try more than one to get the best chances of meeting someone you vibe with. The trouble is that you are bound to get some duds along the way. Wasting your time on a cougar dating site that gets no results is a major pain n the rump. It can also be a real bummer on the excitement level of looking for a cougar. The best cougar dating sites have a few things in common that identify them.

#4 – The Best Cougar Dating Sites Have Albums

All the best cougar dating sites have pics but the really good ones allow users to upload unlimited pics. Some even allow for private albums that require an invitation to view. You can’t really find out if you are attracted to someone if you don’t get a chance to see what they look like. Sure, looks aren’t everything but it is an important part of attraction for many. The best cougar dating sites usually do not charge to upload pics which allows users to upload more than average. If a website charges, users will upload only the free amount. Those are usually the best pictures they have which doesn’t give you a full idea of what their true appearance is.

#3 – Chat Features are Part of the Best Cougar Dating Sites

It really sucks when you find a cougar you really enjoy and you can only pass inbox messages to each other. The best cougar dating sites provide users with a real-time chat feature so they can have regular conversations. We long ago passed the online dating days where you have to wait for an answer to your message. It seems as bad as snail mail these days to have to wait even a few minutes for a return message. The best cougar dating sites are up to date with all the latest features and gadgets as any other the major name dating sites. They have already anticipated the need for a chat feature and provided it.

#2 – APPs are Part of All the best Cougar Dating Sites

It is hard to find a service industry website that doesn’t have an app. There are many apps that exist as stand-alone businesses. The best cougar dating sites have an app for your smartphone. This makes it possible to use the service while you’re out and about. This is a great perk. Not only is it available right in the palm of your hand when you’re bored or have a few minutes, but when traveling too.

#1 – The Best Cougar Dating Sites Have Advanced Search

Browsing and searching is a part of every dating site. Only the best cougar dating sites, however, have advanced searching features. Everyone has a certain type they are attracted to and a way to search that out makes everything easier. Most sites let you search by gender, location and possibly some physical trait. The best cougar dating sites will let you search by all that plus special interests, job and hobbies. There are so many things that people are attracted to in each other. Why not make it easy to search those things out?
There are Fun and Games at the Best Cougar Dating Sites

Dating is about more than looks. There has to be an attraction present that has to do with personality and charisma. A woman who is charming as well as beautiful is compelling. The best cougar dating sites also have games, quizzes (like buzzfeed) and fun interactive activities to share with other users. It helps to break the ice and find things to talk about while getting to know each other.


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