As a gentleman in my 40’s I’ve had my fair share of sexual experiences. Throughout my college years I exclusively dated older women and it is an experience I encourage others to pursue for one simple reason. It will change your life. The local pub near my college was always full of prowling cougars and it was never hard to find one up for night of fun and frolic. I liked so much about the relationships with them that I shunned girls my own age and began to date older women exclusively. At 23, I was dating 45-year-old women. Several turned into lengthy relationships, others were one night stands or friends with benefits for years. – Read Stories – I couldn’t have been happier. In these cougar hunting expeditions, I learned many things I will never forget and those things have helped me along in my life. The reasons for dating a cougar are many but a few stand out among the rest.

1. Date a Cougar for her Cooking

First, let me say that there are plenty of young women who are fantastic cooks. That should go without saying. Cougars, however, have made thousands of meals in their lifetimes. They will have recipes passed down from decades of women before them. Often, younger women do not cook out of preference. They prefer to go out. Eating out every night eventually gets boring and older women are the real pros when it comes to spending a cozy night at the house with a home-cooked meal. There are nuances and an ambiance that only life years can give you.

2. Date a Cougar for Her Car

Cougars have their own wheels. They haven’t depended on someone else for a ride in years. They’ve had the time and experience to get a great ride, and it’s probably paid off. This isn’t to say that you should date a cougar just to cruise around in her fine ride but it is nice to have a gal who can drive you somewhere sometimes. It’s also nice to be able to meet her places instead of always picking her up.

3. Date a Cougar for Less Drama

When you date a cougar, one of the first things you will notice is the lack of drama. Even in a serious situation, cougars remain calm. They have learned throughout their lives that hysterics never help. Overreacting makes things worse. Younger women tend to break down a lot easier in much simpler situations. There are far less arguments with an older woman because there are far less things to argue about. Cougars simply are not interested in bickering or jealousy.

4. Date Cougar for the Phenomenal Sex

This is the one you were all waiting for and it is true. Sex with an older woman will blow your mind. There is no other way to put it. These women have tried sex in many different ways throughout their lives. They have years behind them that younger women have not had the chance to rack up. They have experimented and burst out of their comfort zones enough times to know it’s fun.

5. Date a Cougar for Her Financial Independence

Cougars don’t mind picking up the check every now and again and that is an unbelievable relief. It sometimes feels like a kick in the teeth when a woman picks up the tab at a restaurant but to have her offer every now and again is a really cool feeling. It can be liberating. Older women have had full careers and are able to support themselves. Don’t be surprised if you start receiving random gifts. Cougars like to do that.

6. Date a Cougar for her Independence

Cougars are not only financially independent, but they are independent in their personal lives as well. Cougars learned years ago that the most dependable person to count on is themselves and they have found it suits them just fine. Rarely will you find a cougar who is clingy or jealous. They are just fine in their own lives.

7. Date a Cougar for Her Patience

Another thing you will notice immediately when you date a cougar is how patient they are. They are never in a rush to make relationship decisions. As long as you’re getting along and things feel good, she is happy.


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