Being attracted to an older woman is as natural as puberty itself. Once a guy hits puberty, his first sexual fantasies are usually of his teachers and the mothers of his friends. There isn’t a neighborhood in America where a young man hasn’t had a crush on the neighborhood MILF. Some of these women find themselves attracted to these young men and scandalous relationships are formed. It doesn’t always happen that way, however. Often a college boy will find himself locking eyes with the cougar at the corner bar or downtown café. But how often does all this really happen? Media has us believing that this type of dating is on the rise. Each year there are more cougar dating sites and apps that cater to this age gap relationship. The truth is, it isn’t any more or less popular than it always has been. Cougar dating just ‘is’ and it always will be. Cougar dating isn’t about finding an older woman but finding an older woman your attracted to and want to spend time with. That need will always arise, generation after generation.

The Allure of Cougar Dating

There are some men who will only date older women. There is an appeal that speaks to some men for a variety of different reasons. While all men feel that allure at some point, not everyone gets to try it out. Sometimes the opportunity just never presents itself. In other circumstances, the fella just never gets the nerve or finds an interested cougar. Despite this, the allure never wanes. People often assume that a cougar/cub relationship is just for fun or a way to mix it up a little. Hardly ever do people assume the couple is in it for the long haul or are seriously committed but it has been happening since the dawn of time. It is no rarity. Studies and surveys have shown repeatedly that while looks are important, what men really look forward to in such a relationship is the maturity level of older women. The drama level of serious situations is much lower while cougar dating. Cougars have lived through many trials and tribulations and learned that hysteria and theatrics never help. Instead, they deal with problems with a steadier head and temperament.

Cougar Dating Has its Benefits

There is a reason cougar dating has always existed. Besides the fact that attraction knows no age, there are many benefits to cougar dating. In addition to being more mature, the life experience of an older woman makes conversations much more interesting. They are more willing to listen and learn new things. It creates a bonding experience when you share things you are interested in and older women are more than happy to learn every little thing about you. They don’t crave attention as younger women often do, so they are content to let you expound on your own thoughts and life. Another benefit is one younger women often overlook or underestimate. It is that of strength and confidence. Younger women often present themselves as conceited bitches in an attempt to show confidence. The confidence that older women display comes from living life on their own terms and taking care of themselves. It is a product of a lifetime of learning experiences.

The Popularity of Cougar Dating

Cougar dating is not an infrequency. It happens with regularity decade after decade. It waxes and wanes but it is ever present. Society often makes a bigger deal out of it than it is because of its views on the sexuality of older women. Society and media like to portray middle age women as mild mannered, smiling ladies who bake cookies for their grandchildren and grow their own vegetables. Fairytales and mythology always place older women in the role of crone and witch. The world is not comfortable with sexually aware, middle aged women although there are plenty of them. Cougar dating will always be popular as long as there are younger men and older women willing to date them. Cougar dating, like any other type of dating, is more about compatibility than age. Love knows no age limit and has no time restrictions.


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