There are many young men who believe dating an older woman means you’ll find a woman who is not as technologically savvy as her younger counterparts. This, however, is a deadly mistake when it comes to cougar hunting. Older women use the Internet with as much expertise as any woman half her age and often better. This makes the world of online dating just as feasible for older women as it does for anyone else. Older women use online dating in just as large numbers as any other name group. Pew Research Center reported a double in the number of older women using online networking between 2009 and 2010 and we have no evidence to suggest it has slowed down. America’s older women are those gals who were on the forefront of computer technology in the 70’s. There is no reason to believe that they would not be using online dating as a part of their social life along with other social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Older women are using online dating by the millions.

Older Women Use Online Dating for More Than Sex

Older women use online dating for a lot of reasons. They find other uses for the sites besides sex. Not to say that they do not use the sites for sex, because they definitely do. They also, however, find a plethora of different kinds of friendships, activities and events to attend. They make full use of the site, where other age groups tend to focus on the sex.

Millions of Older Women Use Online Dating Geared to Them

There are so many online dating sites are geared specifically toward older women they can’t help but use them. Why would there be so many cougar and sugar mama dating sites if there wasn’t a market for the niche? Online dating sites like Cougared, GoCougar and Cougar Life cater solely to older women and their community grows each day by thousands if not millions.

Online Dating is Easier for Older Women

One of the reasons so many older women are using online dating is because of how much easier it is to find a younger guy. While the stigma of cougars and younger men is not as shocking as it used to be, it still isn’t the easiest thing to pick up a hot guy half your age. Some older women just don’t know where to go. Others find the security of the keyboard easier to work with at the onset. A lot of older women live in small towns where the younger men pool isn’t quite what they’’d like. Online dating is a much simpler way to find a younger guy than haunting the local bars.

Online Dating is Popular with Older Women in Larger Cities

Older women in small towns are using online dating to find men to date that they haven’t been looking at since high school. They use it to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people. Older women in larger cities use online dating for much the same reason but with less inhibition. They have no qualms with any desires to date younger men, use online dating, or casual sex.

The Reason Older Women use Online Dating Sites

One of the biggest reasons older women use online dating is to prowl for younger men. The stigma is not as great but it also depends on the older woman’s personal life. Where she lives and her community have a big impact on how comfortable she is dating younger men in public. Online dating gives older women the anonymity they need but with the freedom to find what they desire. Cougars have been in existence for as long as people have been dating. All the way back to Queen Elizabeth and her penchant for young servant men, the cougar has reigned. Media and society try to make people believe it is a new development but it has always been a desire among older women and younger men.


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