After a certain age, a woman can bloom into what she was always intended to be. Her life experiences have taught her that a lot of what people consider trouble can just be tossed off. There is no need for half of the stress we put on ourselves under on a daily basis. Older women realize which battles to fight to win the war. They have also had a lot more practice in bed. They know how to please themselves and you too and aren’t shy about showing you. If you can land one, you have a better chance at getting more. There are a few things to keep in mind that will give you a big leg up when it comes to learning how to hookup with cougars!

Looks Aren’t Everything, But It’s a Lot when Cougar Hunting

Everyone’s taste in men is different, but one thing all cougars like is a sense of style. A man that takes pride in himself exudes a sense of charisma that is enticing. It isn’t any sort of bravado or arrogance. It is more a confidence and self-absurdness that draws a cougar’s attention. Be confident in what you bring to the table and eager to see what others have. Its sexy to see a man ready for anything and not afraid to take on whatever comes. Hygiene and grooming are important to cougars. They expect you to take as much time with your appearance as they do. Smell good and be trimmed and tidy every time you go cougar hunting, for best results.

Money isn’t Everything, But It’s a Lot for a Cougar

Cougars prefer younger men. READ WHY They like younger guys for a lot of reasons. Tons of money is not one of those reasons. They know their cub is probably in college or working his way to the top. They expect to pay for a lot of things and actually enjoy splurging on their cubs now and then. It is important to remember, however, that they still enjoy a night on the town they don’t have to pay for once in a while. Do not assume she is going to or should pick up the tab every time you’re out. Treat her like you would any other date and pick up the tab when you ask her out. Much of what a cougar enjoys is more about spending time with you and learning about your life than it is fancy dinners and expensive gifts. Show her off to your friends and let her know you love being with her and you’ll get just as far.

Act Your Age, Not Hers When Cougar Hunting

If you have caught a cougar it means she is interested in dating you, not a guy her own age. Something you have done or said has interested her. Don’t blow it by acting like who you think she would be interested in instead of who she is interested in. She doesn’t want to spend time with some fuddy-buddy who wants to talk about the stock market and how much his co-pay was at his gerontologist. She wants to be with you. Show her what you’re made of and just be the real authentic you.

Don’t Hold Back When You Are Cougar Hunting

Sexually, older women far out-fuck their male counterparts. Older guys are slowing down and becoming more sedate in their home lives. Sex isn’t as prevalent in their minds as it used to be. Older women, on the other hand, have something different going on in their bodies. Many are still interested in sex far into their 40’s and 50’s and even 60’s. They seek out men who can keep up and keep it interesting and that is often a much younger guy. Give the lady what she asked for and don’t hold back in the bedroom. As long as she seems into it, go the extra mile and have some fun.

The secrets to catching a cougar aren’t really secrets after all but common sense and a little forethought. They are just women with a bit more life experience than the others. They want to share that with you if you’ll play your cards right.


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