Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how good a woman would be in bed before you ever get her out of the restaurant? We have all had those dates when we felt into her, whether she was your date, potential date or your buddy’s date, and just wondered what she was like between the sheets. Believe it or not, according to leading relationship experts, there are plenty of ways to tell. So, take a look at everything from the way she kisses to how she holds her fork – there is lots to see. Lean Why – Mature women are better in bed.

Do Her Hips Swing When She Walks?

Women who know they rock in the bedroom has a certain confidence to their walk. (What A Woman’s Walk Says About Her) There is some sass in their sashay. They have a certain talent and it gives them a good feeling about themselves. There is power in feeling sexy and these girls know how to harness it. Next time you’re wondering if a woman knows what she’s doing in the sac, check out her gait. If it makes you sweat with each step she takes, she’s probably got what you’re looking for.

It’s All in the Drink

Many expert studies have been done that tell us what we like to eat and drink tell us about our personalities. It is possible to tell how sexually adventurous your gal is by eyeballing her choice of cocktail. If she goes for a Cosmo or Sex on the Beach, she probably isn’t going to rock your world. A more potent drink, like a Vodka Martini, Gin and Tonic or even a beer can mean her drinks aren’t the only thing she likes stiff. The same thing goes for her other favorite drinks. If you find she enjoys a mid- day coffee or espresso you can be sure she’ll probably go for a little afternoon delight as well, and be good at it.

Does She Like to Eat?

More importantly, does she appreciate her meal? This doesn’t mean she offers you a blow job for a quarter pounder. It means that she enjoys a fine dinner and takes her time ordering and savoring every bite. Eating is as sensual and primal an experience as sex. It can bring out the most glorious feelings. So much so people become addicted to food just as they do sex or alcohol. A woman who enjoys a fine meal can be seen as a woman who enjoys the better things in life. She makes no bones about her comforts and enjoys them to the fullest.

Kiss and Tell

This may not be the biggest of surprises, but if she is a good kisser, she is probably good in bed. Go Here: What Your Kissing Style Says About You. If you are more than just a bit more interested in her after you get a kiss, you can bet there is a reason why. People who are good in bed take the time and have the interest in become in a better kisser. A good kisser doesn’t necessarily mean an aggressive kisser. Our sexuality roles change with our mood. She may be feeling submissive. That doesn’t mean she won’t be feeling a bit dominant later. The key is her talent with her lips. If she makes your heart skip a beat with one kiss, you may have something great on your hands.

She Is a Good Dancer

Dancers, athletes, heck- anyone who is aware of how to move their body correctly is usually good in bed. Our connection to our physical bodies intensifies as we learn to trust and appreciate its movement and power. Not only that, but the flexibility, coordination and physical endurance that comes with dancing or athletics goes a long way in building confidence in the bedroom. Go Here: What your dancing moves says about you.

It’s All in the Eyes

Women with self-esteem and a healthy confidence in their sexual prowess, show it in their eyes. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes unconsciously, a woman who has some sexual talent will show it in the way she looks at you. You’ll be able to see the interest and expectations in her eyes and smile. It will be unmistakable. Slide Show: How to seduce someone with your eyes.

There are all kinds of little clues that will let you know if she is good in bed. You just to be aware to see them. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll catch all you need to know.


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