A cougar is a woman who digs younger men but that doesn’t mean she automatically forgets all she has learned of men as she’s grown up. Click Here: What Makes A Woman A Cougar. In fact, a cougar can probably tell you more about what a woman likes to see a man in than your best friend can. She’s noticed the styles and trends in men’s dress for years and knows what’s worked and what hasn’t. Not only that but more than likely she has dressed a few men in her day, from her dad, brothers and kids to her husband and boyfriends. That’s a lot of men to dress without learning anything about male style. If you need a bit of help meeting cougars, rest assured starting with your wardrobe can never hurt.

Get a Good Cut to Gain Leverage Meeting Cougars

Meeting cougars means looking your best when you’re with her. To her, it means you have taken the time to make yourself attractive to her. A big part of looking your best is getting your garment in the right cut. This means having a garment that is cut to fit your body size and type. This doesn’t mean you have to have all your clothes tailor made specific for you (but if you can afford it, by all means, do so!). You can find clothes on the rack that fit you well. They key isn’t to make a buy just because you like the outfit. Make sure it also looks great on you. A good cut means the arms and legs are long enough and the fabric doesn’t bunch or gather or stretch to tightly in any given area.

You’ll Have No Trouble Meeting Cougars in the Right Color

Dressing in the proper color will not only having you meeting cougars double time but you’ll also snag the eye of other folks. The correct color for your skin tone will bring attention to you when you wear it. Your skin seems livelier and more flush. Your eyes pop and your smile seems brighter. It makes you easier to approach and brings out your best feature. When you show up in the right color to try your hand at meeting cougars, you won’t be disappointed. They notice.

Fabric Makes a Difference When Meeting Cougars

Quality fabrics feel much better than fabrics made of part of this and part of that. A 100% cotton shirt feels much better than 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Don’t choose anything with a manmade blend for a cougar date night. It may be a tiny bit more expensive but it will be worth its weight in gold when that hot cougar rubs her fingers across your sleeve.

Shoes and Socks Can Make or Break Your Chances at Meeting Cougars

Once you make it out of high school and college, it is time to invest in more than athletic socks and a pair of gym shoes. There are types of socks and shoes to go with each type of clothing your wearing. Sandals and gym shoes are rarely on that list when it comes to meeting cougars. (A Shoe Guide For Men) Get some thin cotton socks, a few pairs of argyle and some wool and cashmere to round out the mix. You’ll have something for every outfit. Just make sure they cover your shins.

Learn the Basics of Class to Succeed at Meeting Cougars

Wearing ties, bowties, cuff links, and pocket square is not something guys these days know about, but it should be. LEARN HOW: To Fold A Pocket Square. There isn’t anything quite so dashing is a man dressed to the nines with all the bells and whistles. There is a reason made men Mafioso are always dressed impeccably. It is a sign of class, sophistication and one hell of a sense of style.

Following these fashion tips can definitely help you when you go out meeting cougars. Once you have gathered the essential pieces, the key is to do it all naturally and with grace. You have to look like you were born in those clothes and couldn’t feel more comfortable in them. Make the way you dress a part of your personality and character


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