How-to-identify-and-pick-up-a-cougar-at-the-Grocery-StoreNo matter how you play the game, you’ll need to know how to play it on every field, even more so when you’re after a cougar. The grocery store is no exception. There are times in every man’s life when the same old bars just aren’t cutting it anymore. You see the same people in the same social scene, day after day. You may feel your losing your touch. There is no better place to employ the art of the pick-up than in a grocery store.

Proper Timing is Essential

Timing comes into play in many areas of the grocery store pick-up. You first must consider timing when you plan your arrival. Women visit the grocery store at different times for different reasons. The atmosphere is also different at different times of the day. Early morning shoppers tend to be of the elderly variety. The store is quiet and the crowd is sparse. As morning wanes on you’ll find your fitness moms and those getting their families prepared for the day. Afternoons and early evening you’ll find a lot of bored housewives and single businesswomen. The atmosphere is busier with more shoppers and a crowded environment. Choose the time you want to arrive carefully. You’ll also need to consider timing when you decide to approach a woman. Take note of where she is in the store in relation to how close she is to the register and how soon she’ll be checking out. Give yourself time to figure out how to make your move.

Be Observant

Once you find an attractive cougar you’d like to make a play for, it’s time to sharpen your skills of observance. Watch the items she chooses and make sure you get close enough to check for a wedding ring. Try to figure out a great approach from the things you see. Use your intuition as well as your observations to make the best impression. Reading women’s vibes in a bar isn’t much different than reading them in the grocery store. Once you make eye contact it isn’t hard to figure out if she’s receptive or not. Go with your gut instinct. If she doesn’t seem like she’s going to be amused at your attempt to communicate, she probably won’t.

Charm and Discretion

To pick up a woman in a grocery store you have to exercise a certain amount of charm. Use a nonaggressive tactic like asking for her expertise to make a good impression. Pretend you need help choosing the best avocado or melon. Ask if she thinks one cut of meat is any better than the next. It puts her in charge of the conversation and you’re more likely to get a response. Use the unique layout of grocery stores to your advantage. Begin busily shopping in the same isle as your prospective acquaintance and start by shopping next to her with hardly a notice. In the next isle you can make eye contact and a quick distracted smile. After that you can nod and smile and make a witty comment.

Check Her Out in the Check Out Line

Do more than check out your groceries in the checkout line. Use the time to make witty small talk and find a common ground. Keep in mind she will be checking you out too and so pay attention to what you have in your cart. You don’t want a woefully bachelor-esque basket full of pop-tarts and hot pockets. Make sure to have some fresh fruits and veggies in there as well as mineral water and nice cut of meat or a box of power bars.

One technique that usually works is to ask her how she likes some item that she has in her basket as you wait for your turn in line. Tell her you have been thinking trying it a how good it looks. Another fun, if risky tactic is to comment on the magazines in the check –out line. There is nothing quite like celebrity antics and the next newest diet to spark a conversation.

There are plenty of ways to pick up a cougar at the grocery store. The key is to be prepared and have your game at the top of its form. You don’t want to go into this without 100% confidence. Much like their namesake feline, cougars can smell fear from 100 miles away. If you confident in your own charm and personality, you’ll have an advantage before you ever enter the parking area. Prepare a few great lines that are perfect for grocery store pick-ups before you ever leave the house. Dress casually but be clean and have a polished look that doesn’t make you look desperate. Catching a cougar in a grocery store isn’t impossible if you persevere.

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