Dating-profile-hacks-that-will-catch-a-cougars-attentionHunting cougars is serious business. Cougars are women of a certain age who prefer to date younger men for any number of reasons. These women have a level of life experience that their younger counterparts simply do not have. They have experience to match and with all this going for them, they tend to be very confident women who know exactly what they are looking for in a man and in all things sexual. This includes online dating profiles. Cougars are adept at taking just a quick look at a dating profile and knowing in an instant if they’d like to go out with the person or pass. You have to really know how to set up a great dating profile in order to get the attention of a hot cougar.

Use all Your Outdoor Photos

Outdoorsy, active photos are the best for profiles. Outdoor photos have great lighting but they also show that you do more than sit at the bar or behind a desk or wheel of a car. It shows that you get out and are active. Throw up some random shots walking the dog, playing golf with your buds or taking a walk with your dad. Women are ingrained to be attracted to virile, active men. They are naturally attracted to those of us who excel in sports and strenuous activity. Showing proof of it right on your profile is like programming your page to secrete pheromones into the face of every female who views it.

Profession is Important

An important part of your bio is a the profession or job title. Every woman wants a man with a job and that goes for just the one night stands too. Listing a job shows that you have the mental capacity to be employed somewhere and that you can pay your own bills. It shows that you are not likely looking for a sugar mama or a couch to flop on. You must list a career on your profile which is easy enough to do if you like your job. If not, focus on your career goals in the space provided. The key is to portray yourself as the high achiever that you are.

No Gym Photos and Easy on the Selfies

Posting your outdoor photos is plenty enough to show off your great abs and thick biceps. What some men fail to realize is just how much women hate those gym selfies. It’s a huge turn off to see a man flexing for the camera, smiling large at himself in the mirror. No. For the love of God. No. Selfies and gym shots with shiny abs show a deep self-absorption. It’s better to show your social side with snapshots of friends and parties or even shots with your siblings and parents to expose your family oriented soft side. Show your eyes, smile and try to show your personality. It goes farther than showing off muscles. Those are evident.

Be Direct With Your Intent’s

Dating sites give you a space to list your intent, goals or objective for using the site. These few characters are far more important that you can ever know. You truly must be honest in this section. If you are looking for a one night stand or casual sex, don’t be afraid to list just that. There are scores of beautiful women out there looking for the same thing. Gone are the days when you had to lie and deny the need for more short termed romantic relationships. On the other hand, if you’re interested in something long term, be sure to list it that way. Women who are interested in something lasting will not date guys looking for casual sex and vice versa.

Don’t Skimp on the Hobbies and Interests

So many men put short generic answers in their interests section of their dating profile or skip it all together. Listing your interests as sports, work and jogging isn’t going to cut it. This section is the only way a woman has to be able to tell what kind of person you are. Go into greater detail with your hobbies to paint a full picture of your personality. Instead of just listing sports, tell what type of sport and how often you get to play it. Don’t mention your work in your hobby section but instead put down your favorite pastime, even if it’s just vegging on the couch watching movies.

Tweaking your dating profile and using easy hacks to attract a cougar is essential. These aren’t your average women and it takes a bit of preparation to land one. The key is being honest about what you want and displaying ample confidence in yourself and your abilities. Once you get that down, you’re on easy street.

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