how-to-meet-a-cougar-on-craigs-list-casual-encountersYounger men dating older women, or cougars, is more widely accepted than ever before. This social acceptance of something once thought to be taboo was a long, subtle process that emerged from a set of social circumstances that converged. Hollywood movies, best-selling novels and network television programming gradually began to show cougars in a good light and exploit the joy that cougars and their young cubs enjoy. Go Here to see examples of movies with MILFs/Cougars. At the same time, the younger generation of men began to tire of the games women their own age play and the consistently ridiculous hoops they must jump through just to find a sexual relationship. Out of the melting pot of social consciousness came women brazen enough to go after what they want and men ready to step into the dating unknown. Although this romantic relationship is becoming more acceptable in public, it isn’t any easy to begin in the first place. Really great cougars are out there but they aren’t easy to find. Many men are trying to meet a cougar on Craig’s List Casual Encounters.

Meet A Cougar On Craigslists Casual Encounters Marketplace

CraigsList is a unique website that is more like a marketplace. People buy, sell and trade things, including sex. You can also find jobs and other forms of employment as well as discussion on various forums. One of the most controversial sections of Craig’s List is the Casual Encounters section. In that section of the website people place ads for casual sex dates. This is the perfect venue to seek out a cougar. To meet a cougar on Craig’s list all you have to do is ask for it. Pace an ad describing what you’re looking for. You will get many responses ranging from the bizarre to the interesting. To really make the best of your ad you will have to use the right words and descriptions to entice a cougar.

What You Should Consider When Meeting A Cougar On Craigslist Casual Encounters

When the goal is to meet a cougar on Craigslist there are a few things to consider. Cougars are unlike other women in that they are very sure of what they want sexually. They make action moves to accomplish their goals and fantasies. This being the case, you will get a lot of responses from brazen cougars who like what you have to say. So make sure you say what you mean. Be specific and deliberately open about what you are after in your ad. An example could be saying that you are a guy in your 20’s looking for a cougar over 35-years-old with blonde hair and blue eyes. You could get even more specific if you felt it was necessary by saying you’re interested in casual sex after a night on the town. You might want to add that you are also open to a relationship if the cards fall in that direction.

Contact Info Is Important When Meeting A Cougar On Craigslist Casual Encounters

You can’t meet a cougar on Craig’s List if you don’t leave your correct contact information. So many guys put their ad up and do not put in the proper phone number or email and never check to make sure its correct. They sit and wonder for hours why they aren’t getting a response and then some just give up all together. Craig’s list does a pretty good job of reminding you to make sure to double check your info and ensuring all email addresses are valid but mistakes happen. You don’t want a silly mistake to keep you from meeting a cougar on Facebook. The ad itself is the single most important item in the quest to meet a cougar on Craig’s List. It must convey what you want in an interesting, clever and enticing way. It must convince all the cougars within a 50-mile radius to travel to your doorstep for anonymous, hot, cougar sex.

Be Ready For Some Weird Responses When Meeting A Cougar On Craiglist Casual Encouters

You will get your fair share of weird responses but the real danger isn’t in how you meet a cougar on Craigslist but the sheer simplicity of it. Read 5 scary stories from Craigslist here. It is addicting. Many guys will become so wrapped up in the ease of meeting a cougar on craigslist that they will have two or three different cougars knocking on their door in one night. Before you know it, what was once a hot fantasy becomes a brilliant nightmare. It is really important to keep a level head in the middle of all the ecstasy and excitement. Sex with a cougar is addicting on its own, but a steady stream of beautiful, mature women willing to exchange sexual favors for the sheer benefit of it without having to suffer through head games and jump through hoops is intoxicating.

It is so easy to meet cougars on Craig’s List you will wonder why you never did it before and possibly have trouble reigning it in. For best results remember to word your ad correctly and keep your head on straight. Happy Hunting!


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