5-Things-You-Need-To-Know-Before-Dating-A-Married-CougarSo, your dating a married cougar? You, my friend, have your work cut out for you but you also have some mind-blowing rewards in store. It will be up to you to decide if it was all worth it in the end. My guess is a firm, yes. There is no way to talk yourself out of a situation like this, especially if she has set her sights on you already. A cougar is hard to deny when she wants something badly enough but add in a boytoy and you are sacked. No one is ever complaining who finds himself in this predicament. As a matter of fact, most guys want to know how to keep it going successfully and how to do it again. Here are the top five things you need to know when dating a married cougar.

Fling or Fate?

You may be going into this thinking that it will be an easy one night stand or NSA fuck buddy, and it may be, but you’ll find yourself surprised by the depth of feeling you will have for her. Older women will surprise you with the lack of frivolity and ridiculousness that younger women often exhibit. Click Here to read the advantages of dating an older woman. They can laugh and have a good time with the best of us, but there seems to be an extravagantly lesser amount of drama and hysterics and emotion being thrown about. When that happens you begin to think you could possibly see yourself with her in a more serious type of relationship, whether or not she has expressed a similar interest. Realize now that married cougars are so laid back and open-minded you can easily find yourself considering a more committed thing. Be prepared to deal with those feelings.

You’re a-Game is Required When Dating A Married Cougar

A married cougar has been to a few rodeos before you hitched your mustang to the honey hole. She has heard all the pick-up lines and seen all the moves. There isn’t a game you can run on her. She can unconsciously judge the dynamic of the experience and know in the first few moments whether or not there is anything worth pursuing. This can only help you if you’re being honest and just want to see what is in it for both of you. She will be able to sense your open heart and decency and know it’s worth a fling.

Dating A Married Cougar Requires Respect

Respect is a big thing for married cougars. She will not tolerate a guy who treats her with any less respect than she is accustomed to receiving. She is a bit of a trophy and she realizes that. She doesn’t mind getting shown off a little. But she is still human. She has feelings and you can still hurt them despite the span of years between you. Remember that she is still a person despite the moniker and it will take you farther than treating her like arm candy or a ditzy hottie.

Sex is Everything When Dating A Married Cougar

Know now that a married cougar is going to blow your mind in the bedroom. Sex with her will be life altering, as in, you’ll remember that night forever. These women have years of sex under their belt. Most with just a handful of men over the course of many years. Some more diverse, but the point is the same. They have years of experience in making a man reach orgasm. Now you will be on the receiving end of all that knowledge. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking about your sex life more now than in high school. It’s that good.

No Baggage Zone

The whole idea behind dating a married cougar is that the relationship will eventually run its course and you will be able to move on to the rest of your life. She will have joined in the relationship with the same idea and there should be little fuss when the relationship is over. Keep all this in mind and don’t bring excess worries and mental baggage into the relationship with a married cougar. It’s a waste of time for both of you, when you could be enjoying each other’s company.

There really isn’t much of a difference between dating a younger married woman and a cougar. The main difference will be in her level of experience and maturity and how you deal with it. It’s a new experience that all men crave at some point in their life and some prefer it to women their own age. Take the plunge and head to find your cougar. Be honest about your motives and open to the experience, no matter what it brings. Just make sure to keep these handy tips in mind and you’ll love your married cougar dating experience.


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