7-things-you-should-know-before-having-sex-with-a-cougarSex with a cougar is something every younger man wants. If you’re lucky enough to get it, it’s something you’ll never forget. But take it from an older and wiser gent like myself, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll blow it before you get a second date. Cougars aren’t your average type of hookup. Treating them like they are is certain death. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these seven important facts every younger man should know before having sex with a cougar.

#7 – Make Sure You Want to Have Sex with a Cougar

I don’t mean any cougar, or cougars in general. What this means is that you must have a real lustful desire at the very least for the specific cougar sitting in front of you. Read 10 reasons men might prefer an older woman Here. It is imperative to make sure it isn’t just a dive into a long time fantasy or drunk night out. For the best sex possible with a cougar, she has to know that it is her that you want. Not the challenge or the reputation or even the experience, but her and only her.

#6 – Be a Gentleman when having sex with a Cougar

No one seems to take me seriously when I say this but chivalry is still a thing. Women of all ages love a man that opens doors and walks by the curb for her. Younger women find it cute and its nice for the gal pals to see them with a guy like that. Cougars, however, find it particularly endearing. It tells them a lot about you but also shows that you know your manners and how to treat a lady like a lady. Opening with this killer move will almost guarantee you sex with a cougar. See the signs of a true gentleman here.

#5 – Pay Attention when having sex with a Cougar

To get a cougar interested in sex with you, you have to get her interested in the first place. Nothing does that quite like great conversation. Paying attention to what she says, her gestures and mannerisms gives you a leg up when it comes to gaining her attention. Sex with a cougar will not happen unless she feels a genuine interest from you. Not just about her looks and sex appeal, but about her ideas, comments, jokes and questions. If you can show her that you pay attention to her when you are with her and you find her interesting, you already have one foot in the bedroom.

#4 – Don’t Expect Sex with a Cougar

One thing a cougar can smell a mile away is arrogance and it sends them running faster than a Macy’s white sale. Many cougars have spent their entire lives under the watchful eye of one arrogant man or another. Often a father and then a husband ruled their lives in some way. When a cougar gets to the point in her life that she can choose to date a younger man if she wishes, her first choice will not be another arrogant windbag. (It won’t be her second choice either.)

#3 – Know Your Stuff when having sex with a Cougar

When a cougar takes a younger man, she is doing so for one of two reasons. One; she wants to teach him something. She’s interested in showing him some tricks he probably isn’t aware of; give him some experiences he’s only dreamed of. She’s interested more in his strength and stamina than in what he knows. (Exercises that will improve your stamina in bed) On the other hand, reason number two. She wants to know what he knows. She may have led a fairly vanilla sex life and be interested in finding out how the wild side lives. Either way, sex with a cougar means you better have at least a few tricks of your own up your pant leg.

#2 – Don’t Kiss and Tell

While cougars definitely want you to be proud of them. They don’t want you to be ashamed and sneak around with dark sunglasses on to meet them. But they don’t want you bragging to your friends like she’s Mrs. Robinson either. If you’re lucky enough to get sex with a cougar, treat her like any other age woman. Which means don’t gossip about who you’re sleeping with. That isn’t cool, no matter what age group your dating in.

#1 – Dress for Success if Sex with a Cougar is Your Goal

Fantastic hygiene and impeccable style can only help you with a cougar’s attentions. VIDEO: 10 ways to improve your style. Older women notice things like that far more than some women of younger years. They know that a man that takes the time to clean up and dress nice for his date is more likely to take the time to please her in bed. Someone who jumps straight in the car right after work and barrels over for a beer and a quickie is entirely uninteresting to a woman of a certain age.

Remember, sex with a cougar is going to be one of the longest lasting sexual memories of your life. Do you part to make it lasting for her as well.


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