How-To-Flirt-With-A-Cougar-On-Social-MediaNothing has made dating easier than the advent of social media. Okay, maybe that’s not true one hundred percent of the time, but flirting has at least made nothing but leaps and bounds. Especially when long distance is in store for the relationship, brilliant social media apps and programs like Snapchat, Skype, and even Facebook’s messenger with webcam make the distance a lot shorter. These days, flirting over social media is a vital skill necessary in almost every relationship, and especially so when you’re dating a cougar. Whereas younger women your age will come to expect social media sex and even become bored with it, your older girlfriend will always find it as a pleasant and sexy surprise if you can do it right. So, whether you’re using Snapchat, Facebook Instagram, or any other social media app with a cam and chat component, you can follow these simple tips to always give the cougar a hunt of your own.

Make it a surprise

If you’ve already flirted with your cougar over social media before, then she obviously already knows you’re going to do it again. This doesn’t mean the surprise factor has to be gone though, necessarily. If you want to surprise her with some light flirting or some hardcore sexting, a good tip is to engage her in a seemingly boring conversation, and then segue into flirting. Let’s use an example: “Hey babe, I need to go to the hardware store and grab some things, so I’ll be home a few minutes late.” And just when it seems mundane, follow it up with a sexy snap with your tool belt on. Game on. Oh, and here’s an extra pro tip. If you don’t have a tool belt, get one. You’re a damn man.

Go slow and tease her

One mistake that guys always make while trying to flirt with their girl on social media is flooring it when they should be pumping the brakes and immediately sending naked pictures. The thing is, most women won’t rev up as fast as men, and this is true for your older girlfriend as well who may feel a little insecure already. Once you make the initial engagement into the flirting, try warming her up slowly and get her in the mood. Don’t jump straight to the goods until you know she wants it. Keeping with our example, don’t follow up the snapchat of you in your tool belt with one of your dick. Maybe try tool belt without a shirt first, then progress from there as she gets more and more into it, holding out as long as possible until you send the final pic to get her over the edge.

Make it a narrative

For most women, and especially cougars, the narrative is the best part. Women use their imaginations a lot more than men, which is why they are generally less reliant on porn to get themselves going. This is also why smutty romance novels get them wetter than they’ve ever made any guy. So keeping that in mind, make sure your sexting or sexy snapchatting or messaging of any kind keeps with a bit of a narrative. Role play a little. Don’t just wear the tool belt. Be a sexy repair man who specializes in cleaning out pipes good and hard. Accompany the flirting and sexy pictures with just enough story for her to visualize the scene in her mind. After all, if you can’t be with her physically, that’s the next best thing.

Hold back a little

Another mistake men always make when sexting (Read the sexting dos and donts) and flirting over social media is giving your girlfriend everything she needs and ending it right there. Phone sex, camming, sexting, however you do it, you don’t want anything to be finished. This is especially true for the cougar you’re flirting with and you want her to get comfortable and excited enough to come see you in person. Flirt and sext and send pictures right until the point of pressure release, and then pump the brakes. Don’t be abrupt about it. You don’t want to seem rude or look like a complete tease. Essentially though, that’s kind of what you want. The end goal here is to make her want it in real life and as soon as possible. If you can achieve that by the time you’re social media escapades are coming to a climax, suggest that they continue in person and see what your hard work has earned.


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