5-Ways-Any-Guy-Can-Impress-A-Mature-CougarWhen most men think of what it would be like to date a sexy older woman, they imagine going out with a dominating and rich cougar who is into some crazy, unattached sex. Well, sometimes that may be the case. More often than not, however, successfully dating an older woman depends entirely on the woman. Cougars are like snowflakes; each one is unique. Some may hunt you down and use you as a one night stand. Others may want something real and be uncomfortable with sex at the beginning. With any type of older woman you date, though, there are a few things you can do to always make yourself look good.

1. Don’t keep letting her foot the bill

One of the advantages to dating a cougar as opposed to a woman in her 20s is that older woman tend to have their shit together. Go Here for 20 suggestions guys dating older women. She probably has a decent amount of money saved, solid credit, a retirement fund, stock portfolio, you name it. With this in mind, she’ll likely pay for most things throughout your relationship, including dinners, since you’re likely a broke guy in your mid-20s with thousands of dollars in student loan debt. If you really want to impress her, do your best to pay for as much as you can. Playfully fight her for the check at the end of dinner, surprise her with gifts. Let her know that she isn’t just your sugar momma.

2. Have opinions and don’t hide them

Guaranteed, your cougar will have some strong opinions about everything. That’s just what happens as you go throughout life and become accustomed with exactly what you’re a fan of, what you hate, and what you are willing to fight over. Today, younger men and women tend to hide their particularly passionate opinions for the sake of keeping social interactions from becoming awkward or combative. With your older girlfriend, though, don’t be afraid to get down into the trenches and have some (respectful and civilized) arguments with her. She already knows that couples don’t need to agree on everything to be happy.

3. Be confident and don’t be a doormat

In line with your cougar’s strong opinions, she will likely be the dominant member of your couple. After all, she is older than you and that’s just how life works. It’s perfectly fine for you to be a bit of the submissive one in your relationship, hell it could even be sexy, but it’s a fine line between letting her be the dominant one and you being a doormat. Have some confidence and self-esteem and don’t let the boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic turn into a boss-employee dynamic. The submissive wimp may be fun or cute for her for a week, but she will get tired of it very fast.

4. Keep some excitement in her life

Just remember, probably half the reason she is even dating younger men in the first place is that she thinks all the men her age are completely boring, so she goes for the guys fresh out of college expecting some passion and excitement. Maybe you think dating an older woman means your relationship will be relaxing and boring, but that is exactly not what she is looking for. Keep her interested, take her out to movies and dinners. Go to the nearest city downtown and walk the pier, kiss her passionately, buy her a sexy dress and take her to the clubs. Make her feel like she’s 22-years-old again and she will love you for it more and more each day.

5. Keep the sex fresh

Okay, this is great advice no matter who you’re dating, but the expectations from your cougar girlfriend may be a little different from those of that sorority girl you last dated. In general, try your best to never let the sex get too stale. Simple ways to improve your sex life Found Here. After all, half of the romance from the relationship will come from sex, and that’s how it should be. When an older woman dates a younger man, one of two things could happen. She may expect you to bring all of your 25-year-old passion, stamina, and virility into the bedroom and blow her away, or she may be shy at first and require some level of comfort before the sex goes from good to great. Either way, make sure you understand her needs, keep everything comfortable and arousing, and keep your moves fresh. Also, remember that sex in new relationships is rarely amazing the first couple times and that some practice with that specific person is always a necessity. Either way, don’t think she will be showing her age in the bedroom. You’re bound to be pleasantly surprised!

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