Why-Every-Guy-Should-Try-Dating-A-CougarAs a guy in your mid-20s, the dating scene can get a little stale sometimes. Nine times out of ten, you’re dating another girl who just graduated college and is as broke and clueless as you are. The expectations are minimal, as is the stimulating conversation. But what can you do? Most women your age just don’t have the money or life experience to really provide more than the next woman you date. Well, that realization is what leads most guys to enter into a relationship with a sexy older woman at least once while their still young. Hey, who better to appreciate your 25-year-old looks, virility, and stamina than a woman who can’t find that in men within her own age group? But hey, there are plenty more reasons a guy should go on safari and find a cougar at least once while he’s young.

Good conversation is never a struggle

Most cougars are getting close to middle-age and may be divorced once already. This means that, most likely, they have plenty of fascinating life experiences to enthrall any listener over dinner. With an extra two decades under her belt, she will also have plenty of knowledge on almost any topic you bring up. Want to chat about fine wines or beer? Great fitness regimens? Sex? Books? Netflix? You’ll find that she has plenty of input for any topic you suggest.

You never have to worry about what she’s thinking

At the risk of generalizing too much, cougars are known to be very direct. At a certain age, most of the subtext in dating goes out the window. Did you ever wonder if your last girlfriend really wanted to go to that restaurant or watch that movie, or was she just trying to please or impress you? Well with an older woman, that is rarely an issue to worry about. She knows what she wants, and she knows you don’t need to want the same things to still be compatible.

The sex is guaranteed to be fantastic

It’s no secret that practice makes perfect in the bedroom or shower or kitchen floor. Think about the last time you had sex with a woman your age. What was great? What needed work? Your typical cougar has played that game hundreds of times by now and already knows the ins and outs of great sex. What she wants out of you is stamina and a willingness to learn and fulfill her fantasies. What she will give you in return is knowing exactly how to do what and when to keep you on the edge and loving every second of it.

Dependency is almost never an issue

I don’t know about you guys, but it’s tough for me to find a girl my age who doesn’t start to get clingy or needy after a while. In your 20s, it’s tough to really separate your life from your significant other’s sometimes because, frankly, there isn’t that much going on in your life yet. Your classic cougar, however, already has a life of her own that she’s been cultivating for decades before you came into the picture. That’s not to say that dating a cougar means that you’ll be constantly blown-off and ignored, but you can rest easy knowing that she likely won’t get needy or greedy with your time. She can handle herself, which frees you up to focus on your own life as well. In the end, a healthy relationship means that both partners are happy separately as much as they are together.

You’ll learn from her experiences

Do you have any older siblings that have done something stupid? If so, you already know the classic strategy of learning from his or her mistakes and making a mental note to never be that stupid. When you date a woman your own age, she probably doesn’t have much more of her life figured out than you do. One of the perks of dating a cougar, however, is that she has already been through everything that you’re going through. Hell, she probably even had a relationship with an older man when she was your age too! The cycle never ends no matter who you are. Beyond the sex, she will be able to give great advice whether it’s personal, like how to deal with certain friend or family matters, or business or financial like when and how to get a great rate on a mortgage and whether you should finally open that bar and grill with your college buddies like you always fantasize about.

The truth is, there are plenty of things that can go wrong in any relationship for any variety of reasons. Why constrain yourself to only one type of woman when there is so much more out there that can make you happy?


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