Melania Trump has become a household name since becoming the first lady of the United States. Even before she married the President, she had a career as one of the worlds top models. Her style is renowned worldwide, and her mystique has everyone questioning just where she stands on most issues. While all of that is fascinating, her style of dress and sultry, exotic looks are the most potent ingredients in her power as a cougar. Men, young and old, have secret crushes on our beautiful and mysterious First Lady.

Melania Trump’s Early Years

Born in Slovenia, in 1970, Melanija Knavs was always a dashing beauty quickly on her way to becoming a powerful cougar. Her mother designed children’s clothes and so Melania was always well dressed, even as a child. She was modeling clothing way before she ever got paid for it. It became a part of her. Knowing the right way to pose and hold a stance to best show the fabulous folds and ripples of a garment became second hand. Her modeling career began at age 16 when she signed with a Milan agency. Her career shot through the roof when she moved to New York in 1996.

American Citizenship

This powerful cougar received her green card as a permanent resident of the United States in 2001. There was some controversy over her citizenship since she received it through the EB-1 Program, a program meant to allow persons of great intelligence and talent to become United States citizens. Since modeling is not thought of as a great skill, there was some speculation as to how she obtained it.

Marriage to Prominent Businessman

In 1998, Melania met her future husband, Donald Trump at a fashion party. She initially refused to date him. They did, however, slowly begin to build a romantic relationship and were engaged in 2004, making her not only a powerful cougar but a rich one also. They married in 2005 in a lavish ceremony in Florida’s Palm Beach. She bore his child, Barron William Trump in 2006.

Controversy Follows Power

You won’t find a powerful cougar without a fair share of controversy following her. Once her husband became president number 45 of the U.S., some risqué modeling photos from her past came to the forefront. Specifically, a nude pose for GQ Magazine. The world was quite appalled that a First Lady had been nude in front of the world. Her next controversial move was during a speech where fact checkers found much of her speech was almost identical to previous First Lady Michelle Obama. A short time later, more nude photos appeared, this time with another woman.

News Leaks

Like every powerful cougar, Melania stood beside her man as he waffled on announcing his candidacy for president. A news leak reporting that it was Melania who pushed him to take the chance so as not to regret it later. It further stated she neither wanted it to happen, nor believed he would be elected. Many say she is unhappy in her role of First Lady. She has made the best of her position as First Lady by sending books to schools all across the country and attending #NoOneEatsAlone school lunches.

The Be Best Platform

A powerful cougar never lets others feel inadequate and Melania is no different. In May of 2018, Melania revealed her Be Best platform. The platform aims to improve three areas of American life; positivity on social media, physical well-being, and fighting opioid abuse.

There are powerful cougars in every walk of life. Each helping out their community in their own way. Melania Trump, just like every powerful cougar in the world, uses her experience and knowledge to make the world a better place. Powerful cougars are those women who gain wisdom and grace as they age. They take good care of their body and stay hip to the worlds problems and the things they can do to contribute to a solution. Dating a powerful cougar gives you an extra advantage. You are able to learn from their experiences, and gain insight from the actions and opinions. Cougars love to share their knowledge with the ones they care about. Take advantage of the cougar in your life.


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