Why-Do-Bored-Housewives-and-Cougars-Make-For-Such-Easy-HookupsNot that it’s a bad thing, but do you ever wonder why bored housewives & cougars make for such easy hookups? There are reasons housewives become so bored they seek out affairs. Most of the issues arise from loneliness, self-esteem and sex drive. A lot of bored housewives look for an affair when they hit middle age, when many of these symptoms begin to appear. Believe it or not, most women do not want to end their marriage when they enter an affair. They are simply looking for a way to alleviate the boredom. Understanding why bored housewives make for such easy hookups is a big help when you’re looking to hookup with one.


Straight up, pure and simple boredom will drive people to do crazy things. Having an affair being one of the saner. Too much boredom has been known to lead to depression, overeating, smoking, drugs and even more debauchery. No one really thinks they will get bored in their marriage but studies have shown that the human mind shuts down into a boredom state at many times during life, regardless of stature. Rock stars to world leaders, everyone gets bored. Once boredom sets in, most people will try to fend it off with minimal effort but eventually it grows cumbersome. Everything and everyone in the marriage becomes difficult to deal with and some people even contemplate leaving. It is at this point that hookups, affairs and one-night stands can help. Taking time completely away from the marriage breaks up the monotony. It gives a bored housewife a chance to alleviate the boredom, get some excitement back into the picture and carry on with her marriage, renewed and invigorated.

Low Self-esteem

Many women begin to lose track of themselves and whom they feel they are when they are in a troubled marriage. After so many years, circumstances can pile up in a marriage and taking care of everyday issues keeps a couple drifting further apart. Any relationship without the required time and attention will leave a person feeling out of sorts. When a couple begins to drift apart, it is the woman who most often feels like it is her fault, regardless of the truth. She will begin to feel unattractive and unwanted. She begins to question her life decisions and where she is in her life presently. The progression to an affair or a series of one-night stands is, in fact, a healing process intended to restore the demolished self-esteem and confidence she is left with.

Lousy Sex

One of the main reasons bored housewives & cougars go for the affair is because of the sex. It’s a misnomer that women aren’t as interested in sex as men are. Actually, its pretty common for a woman to be just as interested, if not more so, than her male relationship partner. If she isn’t receiving adequate sex from her partner, chances are she will seek it out elsewhere. Most wives will try to talk to their husbands first in an attempt to change their sex lives back to what it was when they married. Women want the same level of intimacy or at least something close to it, throughout their marriage. If a husband is rarely if ever interested in sex or forces his wife to endure lackluster, boring sex she will obviously seek out satisfaction in another man.

Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Every marriage has issues, but its when one half of the marriage gives up and refuses to try to fix those issues that a real problem arises. The same problem arising time after time with no solution in sight will usually lead to an affair on one or both parts of the marriage. Part of a marriage is realizing when you can give in a little and when you should push. If both partners are pushing relentlessly, there is no hope for a respite.

Gender Roles

Sometimes you find women who are old-fashioned. Another way to term it is she may be traditional. These women feel women and men should stick to the traditional gender roles assigned to men and women in this country. Often thought as out-dated, many women still have this frame of mind and when their husband does not live up to that manly standard she may feel unhappy and unsatisfied in her relationship. This specific type of woman needs a man who is masculine and performs the household chores, is the breadwinner and opens her car door for her. More than likely, these are values that she grew up with and were instilled in her by her own father. When this aspect is lacking in her marriage, she will be attracted to men who do display these masculine characteristics.
Bored housewives & cougars make easy hookups for a variety of reasons but it all boils down to one thing; she isn’t feeling the love anymore.

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