Step 4 Increase Your Chances of Hooking Up with Multiple Lonely Housewives by Playing the Numbers GameAs I mentioned in the intro, this guide is not about meeting one lonely housewife or cougar for an affair. That’s playing way too small. Why would you settle for that when you have the opportunity to play the numbers game? I’m going to show you how to exponentially increase the number of bored & lonely housewife hookups you’ll have. You’ll be able to build up your own private roster of women, so that you’ll always have several options for who to hookup with when you’re in the mood to get laid.

Increase Your Chances With Multiple Memberships

When your goal is to have multiple ongoing affairs, the quantity of women you’re able to meet will have a direct effect on your success. The best way to meet the most women is to have accounts on multiple sites geared towards affair dating for lonely housewives. It’s important to remember that it isn’t enough to randomly join two or three sites, you’ve got to make sure you’re using the best married but lonely dating sites, or your efforts will be wasted. Paying for memberships to shoddy sites is like flushing your money down the toilet. You’d get more sexual release from streaming porn. Stick with the Big Five All-Stars of lonely housewife dating sites, and you’ll get the most for your money. If you play your cards right, memberships to two or three of these sites could lead to you have more opportunities for sex with beautiful married women than you ever dreamed of.

The Best Lonely Housewife & Cougar Dating Sites

1. Lonely Wives Club
2. Easy Sex
3. Free Hookups’ Affair Club
4. Hookup Cloud
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Start Sending Well Crafted Personalized Messages

Once you’ve chosen two or three of these sites, your goal should be to contact as many attractive women in your area as possible. On each site, scan the profiles of the women within whatever vicinity you’re willing to travel and send a message to every single woman you find attractive. While you want to move quickly in order to beat out the competition, you also don’t want to move so fast that you lower your chances of hooking up by sending lame messages. Take your time crafting a personalized message that fits the criteria we outlined in the last step. If you do a good job with this part, you should start hearing back from women over the next few days. You’ll want to check in every day, because you should try to respond to the women who write back to you within a few hours. This is important because women receive so many more messages from men than men receive from women on these sites. If a woman responds to four or five guys, and then she’s waiting to hear back from them, she’ll oftentimes be most interested in the fastest responders, and once she’s wrapped up in conversation and setting up dates with someone else, it might be awhile (if ever) before she gets back to the late responders.

Sending out messages to all of the attractive women in your area when you first join a site is only the first step in playing the numbers game. After that, you’re going to want to check the site for new women on a regular basis. Daily is ideal, but definitely don’t let it go unchecked for more than a couple of days. There’s a major advantage in being the first guy to contact a woman after she joins an affair dating website. She’ll be nervous and excited, wondering if anyone will respond to her profile, and maybe worried that they won’t. So when you show an interest right away, you’ll get all of the benefits of that giddy energy that comes from something new and different. If you get good at sniping profiles (being the first guy to contact a woman), your numbers will shoot up incredibly.

The last thing to remember is that successful players of the numbers game don’t stop building up their hookup lists once they reach a number that feels like enough. The thing about affairs is that while they sometimes last a very long time, months, or even years, they rarely last forever. Eventually, one of you will get bored and want to move on, or she’ll move away, or decide to try to focus on her husband to save her marriage, or whatever. Life happens and people move on. And if you’re not consistently adding in new women, when the old ones go, you’ll find your hookup nights dwindling away, and you’ll be back at square one. You don’t have to let that happen. It’s not like you have to live on the website, devoting countless hours. Only the beginning is time consuming. After that, the daily checks and contacting newcomers probably won’t take more than ten minutes or so of your time.

Remember, when it comes to affairs with cougars and bored & Lonely housewives, the old saying “quality, not quantity,” doesn’t apply. Quality and quantity are like weights on a scale. They’re of equal importance, and if one or the other is out of balance, your sex life will suffer. Keep up your numbers and you’ll be on top of your game.