Are-Cougars-More-Or-Less-Likely-To-Fake-OrgasmsThe cougar is an almost mythical creature every man fantasizes about but almost none of us get to experience with any semblance of satisfaction. She is a lady of a certain age and means who has a sexual appetite for the younger man. Not just any older woman, oh no. A cougar is a woman who exudes sexual confidence. She takes extremely good care of herself and makes you forget all about those extra years. A cougar is an older woman that makes you want her so bad you don’t care how old she is. They are rare, this type of sexually satisfied, confident woman. So rare there isn’t much concrete evidence on how to catch one, or what makes them tick. One question that always comes up time and again is if they are more or less likely to fake an orgasm.

Age Matters With It Comes To Faking Orgasms

One field of thought on the subject is, of course, age. A few studies have been done on faking orgasms. One from a dating site claims that of the 1000 people surveyed divorcees were 60% more likely to fake an orgasm than a single or married person. Since most divorces are older than your 20-something crowd we naturally assume that means cougars fake orgasms. There are a few mistakes with that train of thought. Many cougars and not divorcees but single or widowed. They just don’t fit. The study also showed that women 54 to 64 were only 30% likely to fake an orgasm. It was the 45 to 54 years’ age bracket that fake the most orgasms. While it’s true that the majority of the orgasm faking population is white female, that doesn’t mean it is predominately cougar. View Chart – Faking Orgasms By Age

Cougars Have The Best Sex

The main reason against believing cougars are more likely to fake orgasms is that all studies show sex improves with age. Especially with women, which is surprising because desire still wanes. Theorists say this suggests that cougars don’t use sex for sexual fulfillment or in response to desire but for other reasons. In other words, orgasms are super important to a cougar. On the other hand, if you have ever been with a cougar, you know that they don’t seem to have any trouble reaching orgasm. This goes hand in hand with other research that points to the cougar’s ability to know her own body and reach orgasm easier than earlier in life.

Sex can be used to gain other needs in life and not just by cougars. They just realize the power sex can have. It has been proven that sex can ease pain and elevate moods. It can help fight depression and boost self-confidence. Having an orgasm can be seen as a bonus to all these benefits. The amount of benefits healthy sex can have is incredible. Most cougars are aware of this and reap all the rewards of having a hot young sex partner at their disposal.

Cougars Fake Orgasms Too

All this is not to say that cougars don’t ever fake orgasm. It happens but it does seem their reasons are different. When women of younger years fake orgasm, they most often say it is to shorten the act and be done with it. They aren’t enjoying the experience or there is something about the relationship that is not appealing. The sex act itself may not be working for her or perhaps she just isn’t in the mood. A cougar is more likely to fake an orgasm in order to make her man feel good. She will use it as an opportunity to boost his ego and enhance his masculinity. It also helps strengthen the relationship by fostering a feeling of closeness and security.

50% Of The Population Say’s They Have Faked An Orgasm!

Since almost half of the population is said to have faked an orgasm at one point in life, it’s safe to say a cougar has too. What is important to keep in mind is that there may be a really good reason for faking. Read 10 Honest Reasons Woman Fake It. In fact, it’s more likely than not that there is. Faking is such a common occurrence that there are movies and television shows that talk about it. Jokes on late night television encompass it. Why would we assume it would be uncommon in any relationship?

Cougars are less likely to fake an orgasm for trivial reasons. They are perfectly capable of reaching orgasm during sex but may feel a need to comfort, encourage or satisfy her man in another way and use the old fakeroo as a means to an end. It doesn’t have to have some nefarious basis. This is not the time to overthink things. What you can be sure of is that if you are with a cougar, whether she faked it or not, she wants to be there. Count your blessings and let the good times roll.


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