Tactics & Strategies For Hooking Up With Lonely Housewives & cougars

How Cougar Dating Will Change In 2018

With the year 2018 fast approaching lot of things will be changing. Cougar dating is no exception. There are many changes in store for cougar dating. Most of the changes are predictable considering the general changes in the year to come in all other aspects of the world. Some, however, will surprise you. Most everything […]

How To Meet Cougars On The App Pure

The dating app Pure —-> Download Here – Google Play / Itunes is known as the most risqué app on the market. They make no bones about their business objective and brand themselves as the ultimate hook up app. Pure embraces the eroticism of the one night stand and encourages its users to imbibe in […]

The Biggest Cougar Dating Sites Ranked

You can sign up for all of the cougar sites you can find but if you aren’t on the biggest cougar dating sites, you won’t get the results you are hoping for, if you get any real results at all. While it is good to try as many sites as you can, you want to […]

4 Characteristics All The Best Cougar Dating Sites Share

It isn’t surprising that more younger men are dating older women. Cougar dating doesn’t carry the stigma it once did nor are younger men as concerned with what people think. The cougar dating experience is such a normal part of a man’s life it has become commonplace to see at least one such couple while […]

Best Apps For Meeting Older Women

The phenomenon of cougar dating is no phenomenon. Younger men and older women have been hooking up for as long as there have been people on the planet and there is no indication it will stop. Dating is about making a connection, attraction and mutual interest. It is not about age limitations or life constraints. […]